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Hospital Management

High Frequency RFID Solution System from FASTPRO RFID enables healthcare providers to reliably track hospital supplies, medical equipment and patients records. Our hospital management system includes RFID tags and readers for instant deployment.

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The RFID solution kit improves patient safety and hospital efficiency by automated data capture. The RFID patient tracking kit contains passive RFID wristbands, a PDA handheld reader, a desktop HF reader and necessary software.

Doctors and Medical staff can immediately identify a patient and the medical record with a PDA Handheld reader and update current information to the system. With non-allergenic silicon and waterproof design, the one-time using RFID wristband is suitable for hospital patient management such as patient monitoring, medication record and newborns tracing in hospital settings. Desktop HF reader and PDA Handheld reader are used for wristband information collection and transfer.

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