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FASTPRO RFID offers RFID based laundry management system, which provides an excellent solution to trace the clothes throughout its complete cycle of its arrival in the laundry to its dispatch. The RFID tags attached to the clothes are read as soon as the clothes enter the facility. Once the unique tag IDs for each clothes is obtained, the application software updates the database with related information about each clothes and generates reports at various stages.

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Multiple tags can be read simultaneously and there is no counterfeiting due to unique tag IDs for each tag, consequently causing enormous enhancement in the efficiency and accuracy of laundry management.

The specially designed laundry tags are robust, water proof, and can stand up to all kinds of changes in environmental conditions in terms of heat, humidity, pressure, resistance caused due to water and other chemicals.


Laundry management system is also integrated with various features like anti-theft, inventory management system, etc. which makes it a complete RFID based tracking solution for laundry management.

Handheld readers come in handy in case a particular item is misplaced from its usual lot enhancing the inventory management.

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