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The RFID based logistics management solution proposed by FASTPRO RFID offers a customizable logistics automation system. It automates the whole process of transportation from the very beginning, i.e., loading of items onto the truck to its delivery at the destination

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Various actions performed by our RFID based logistics system includes: identification,access control, validation and verification, data analysis, and data maintenance. The amount of products in terms of no. of items/ weight of loads is attached to the associated tags, and accurate measurement is maintained throughout. It ensures no product mix and complete traceability of the performed loads.

Our application software is integrated with exclusive applications for each particular use such as inventory management as well as tracking of vehicles at various points. The GPS/ GPRS features of our handheld readers even add to the capability of tracking of vehicles.

Fixed RFID readers are placed wherever it is needed to capture or monitor data. Data is read whenever the RFID tags come in the range of these readers, and is automatically updated. In case of hand- held terminal, their unique feature of geo- fencing enables us to restrict their use to a limited area.

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