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As per the MNRE guidelines it is mandatory that each solar- or PV Module must contain an RFID tag in order to identify and track it throughout its useful life. Each RFID tag attached to a particular module is encoded with the name of the manufacturer of modules, name of the manufacture of solar cells; the month, year and country of manufacture for the module as well as the cells; the modules technical specifications like its wattage, performance statistics, etc. It also contains a serial number that uniquely identifies the module.

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The customized application software provided by FASTPRO RFID provides a user- friendly interface that enables users to encode/ recode the tags with extreme convenience. All the information contained in the RFID tags can be obtained on a computer system to which the reader is connected. Later that data can be stored in the database and can be accessed with ease with the help of our application software.

It enables user to obtain the technical information as well as the performance statistics of the PV modules or panels at any point of time.

The PV Module solution provided by FASTPRO RFID is not only fast, user- friendly and convenient but is robust and long- lasting as well, providing a complete and reliable solution for application of RFFASTPRO RFIDnology in Solar plants.

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